LT Clevis Pin w/Square Loop 2
Pin with Loop Grip 1
Flat Carbide Tooth Retention Bolt 1
Weight Retention Nut 1
Slide thumbnailLT Clevis Pin w/Square Loop 2
Slide thumbnailPin with Loop Grip 1
Slide thumbnailFlat Carbide Tooth Retention Bolt 1
Slide thumbnailWeight Retention Nut 1

Wrenches & Tools

Essential wrenches and tools to keep on hand at all job sites. Additional tools to ensure that newer models are compatible with older machines and skid steer attachments.

Socket Wrench

Socket Wrench or Breaker Bar fits all Bolts used on Workhorse Attachments. To undo & tighten the ¾” Blade Holder Bolts, CRTX3 & CRTX6 Nuts, and Weight Retention Nuts on the blade holders for easy blade changes on the jobsite.


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Blade Holder Replacement Clamps

12″ and 24” Blade Holder Replacement Clamps for Blade Holder Assembly to hold Straight, Angled or Edged Blades for floor removal jobs.

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