Workhorse 1000 Propane

The Ride-On Workhorse 1000 Propane Floor Scraper is a very versatile machine. Small enough to go through a 29″ doorway and short enough to go into a small elevator with a overall length of only 49″.


The ride-on, self-propelled, Workhorse 1000 propane floor scraper is a very versatile machine, with a length: 51", width: 30" and height: 58", it is compact but does not compromise on power.

24 horse power propane engine is air cooled and meets stringent CARB & EPA regulations.

The net weight of the floor tile scraper is only 1,300lbs with all the weights removed. Light enough to not overload most small elevators. This compact size and light weight also make this scraper a great choice to remove those roofing products like felt paper, foam, and much more. Unlike the competition this floor scraper has a large 8″ diameter front caster wheel and 5″ of ground clearance to allow manoeuvring in rough areas.

Maximum weight of the floor tile scraper when loaded with the optional weights is 2,990lbs. The standard weight of 2,100lbs is usually sufficient for most floor scraping jobs. Ceramic tile removal is usually the most demanding removal and more weight the better to keep the ceramic removal tool sliding on the concrete under the ceramic tile. With forward speeds near 6mph this machine can move quickly across a large job site.

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Additional information

Weight 1300 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 30 × 58 in

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