Angled Carpet Blades

Replacement 45° Angled Corner or 90° Angled Edge Carpet Blades, both made from high quality 1095 blue spring steel for extra durability – 0.094 Thickness – Ground sharp on one or both edges.
Our 45° Angled Corner Carpet Blades come in 10″ or 22″.
Our 90° Angled Edge Carpet Blades come in 10″, 12″ Double Edge, 22″ or 24″ Double Edge.
One pack includes 5x blades.
We unfortunately cannot guarantee that this part will fit your application, should you have any reservations please contact us on +1 630 293 4000.
Depening on the blade size, to be used with our 12” or 24” Blade Holder.

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