Workhorse Skid Steer Floor Scraper Attachment (SSA) XT450MAX


WORKHORSE SSA UNIVERSAL Skid Steer Scraper Attachment fits all skid steers with a quick attach system. Includes 24” blade holder BHA24. For tougher scraping projects, additional weights XTW66 have been added to increased head weight. The total weight of the unit including the blade holder is 742 lbs.

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The Workhorse SSA skid steer floor scraper attachment was designed and is built to handle the most demanding removal job and with unbelievable productivity. Universal attachment, it will fit any brand, any manufacture from 18hp to100 hp skid steer. The quick attach mounting plate allows for changing implements quickly and easily.

The Workhorse SSA skid steer attachment comes standard with three tube holders, a 24-inch blade holder and will fit any size machine with a quick attach system.

Our patented floating blade holder ensures that the blades remain level even when the skid steer is uneven while going over debris.

The blade can be rotated 180 degrees placing the sharp edge against the floor, this will avoid the need to sharpen the blade. The three-tube arrangement is designed to remove material closer to a wall.

Skid Steer Floor Scraper attachment specifications:

  • Rotating blade holder maintains better floor contact.
  • Blade holder can be rotated to eliminate the need to sharpen the blade.
  • Universal attachment for all skid steers brands and manufactures.
  • Remove all floor tiles, carpets, ceramics, epoxy, glues, mastics, etc.
  • Tested and proven for maximum results.
  • 24inch and 12inch blade holders.
  • Multiple position holder for cleaning edges.
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Large production capabilities.

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Weight 742 lbs


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